How does it works? internals or how security is garanteed

Have you ever wondered how the attacker knows which ports are open in the system? Or how to find out which applications are running on the server without asking the administrator about it? You can do all this and more with a small tool called Nmap.

IpScan is based on a set of tools that allow you to scan the Internet resources using techniques such as: UDP, TCP (connect), TCP-SYN (half-open), FTP-proxy (breakthrough via ftp), ICMP (ping), FIN, ACK, Xmas tree, SYN and NULL scans.

Among other things, our experts have developed rules based on which there is a possibility estimate vulnerability level of one or another port. For example, if 80 HTTP and 443 HTTPS port are open on web server, it is not is a vulnerability, but at the same time if MySQL port 3306 is open this is serious problem.

The automatic scanner is another key feature of ipScan. By setting up monitoring (just provide your email on scanning page) the system will periodically scan the IP address or domain and in case of problems - send problem report.